Pre-Convention Webinar #8: Hemp Panel Moderated by Doug Fine, American Hemp Farmer

Doug Fine is a comedic investigative journalist, bestselling author, and solar-powered goat herder. His latest book, American Hemp Farmer, is nominated for the Santa Fe Reporter’s 2021 Book of the Year award, and helped announce the arrival of the regenerative farming renaissance. His focus for the past 15 years has been regenerative living for regular folks, beginning with his Boston Globe bestseller Farewell, My Subaru.

Most recently, Doug has cultivated hemp food for farm-to-table products and seed-building in six U.S. states, and his own hemp seeds have been used to clean soil in a New Mexico university study. A website of Doug’s books and audiobooks, and print, radio and television work, United Nations testimony, Conan and Tonight Show appearances, TED Talk and online regenerative hemp course is at Doug can be contacted at

Clarence (Cab) Baber has been practicing regenerative farming in Hawaii for 40+ years. He co-founded the Hawaii Organic Farming Association and had the first CSA on the island in the early 1990s, which fed 50 families. Cab was the first regenerative farmer in the Waimea Lalamilo farm lots, operating the largest organic tomato operation in the state. He’s been a pioneer in the modern use of microorganisms and fermentations in regenerative agriculture, making a soil probiotic, Bokashi, for 25+ years. Cab can be contacted at

Greg Smith is the Owner and Founder of Earth Matters Hemp Hawaii since 2005. Earth Matters is a 3 acre of hemp farm located in the most southern part of the Big Island, Hawaii. The farm uses organic and sustainable practices to grow our CBD hemp. Greg and his wife have a line of CBD products that we sell at our farmers market and online. Their products are are 100% Hawaiian grown and made here on the big island of Hawaii. Greg can be contacted at

Edgar Winters, who was the first licensed hemp farmer in Oregon in 77 years, is the CEO and Lead Researcher for Botanical Genetics at Winterfox Farms, which has an MOU and a Material Transfer Agreement with Cornell University for the remainder of 2018. Edgar is a nationally renowned public speaker, educator, and grassroots activist who has dedicated most of his life to regenerative agriculture and serving Cannabis, which is here to serve all of humanity’s needs. Edgar can be contacted at