Meet the people who have dedicated themselves to the cause of a vibrant local economy fueled by nutritionally dense food grown locally via regenerative farming practices. Our Board of Directors follows the policy provisions, drafted and ratified at each year’s annual convention, to ensure our efforts are aligned with our mission statement and meet the evolving needs of our growing membership. Our board currently meets once a month via teleconference and twice per year in person. For more information please contact us at hfuu@hfuuhi.org.

Our 2016 Executive Board


Vincent Mina

Husband, father of 2, President & founding member of HFUU. Since 1993, Vince & wife, Irene, have co-owned organically managed urban family farm, Kahanu Aina Greens LLC.  Chair of Natl. Farmers Union special committee “Regenerative Agriculture Local Food” (RALF). Loves to farm/garden, swim in the ocean & jacuzzi in Iao river.


Karen Reid
V.P., Treasurer, 
Finance Committee Chair

Karen moved to Maui in 2011 and began working in the restaurant industry for the first time where she became aware that the majority of Hawai’i’s food is imported.  This alarming situation motivated her to join HFUU’s Haleakala chapter in support of local farmers.  Karen serves as the State Treasurer and brings Quickbooks expertise to the organization.  When not performing her superhero duties for HFUU, Karen can be found in accounts payable at Mama’s Fish House in Paia.

Chapter Presidents


Ray Maki

For the past 21 years, Ray’s company, Permaculture Kauai, has been focused on commercial organic agriculture, agroforestry, permaculture, and promoting sustainable Ag practices in Hawaii and internationally. Ray Maki is a certified permaculture designer, consultant, and educator, and also a certified IMO (indigenous microorganism) practitioner.


Christian Zuckerman
O’ahu: Wai’anae

 Farm manager and long-term community member of Kahumana Organic Farms. Christian was raised in Wai’anae and feels a deep connection and commitment to supporting the Wai’anae Coast. After graduating in 2012 from the University of Puget Sound, Christian returned home to Wai’anae and has been an active farmer and supporter of the community ever since.


Dave Burlew
O'ahu: North Shore


Sean Anderson
O’ahu: Wai’manalo


James Simpliciano
Maui: Mauna Kalahawai

Farmer/Chef – Founder of Simpli-Fresh produce farms. President, Mauna Kahalawai chapter of Hawai’i Farmers Union United. Vice President, Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Association.


Simon Russell
Maui: Haleakala

Simon Russell owns Hui ‘O Mālama ‘Āina LLC an agricultural consulting company, and Farm Maui LLC, a farm operations management company. He is President of the HFUU-Haleakalā Chapter, and the President of the HFU Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit. He also represents Maui County on the Hawai’i Board of Agriculture.


Mikala Minn
Maui: Hana

 Born and Raised in Hana, Maui. Currently employed as Volunteer Coordinator/Outreach Education at Mahele Farm (Hana’s Community Farm), a project of Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike and Kahanu Garden. Acting President of HFUU Hana Chapter since October 2015. Food Review writer for Hanaside News.


Steve Sakala
Hawai’i Island: Kona

Founder/owner Honaunau Farm. Sustainability movement leader for 20+ years. 10+ years in Hawaii working on a diversity of projects including permaculture, renewable energy, green building, animal husbandry and soil health. Extensive experience with high CBD (cannabidiol) strains and their potent and diverse health benefits. Currently launching HICBD Organics, a Hemp CBD company.


Cab Baber
Hawai’i Island: Kohala


Kyle Studer
Hawai’i Island: Ka’u


Eric Drake Weinert Jr
Hawai’i Island: East

Drake was born to legendary fruit tree propagator Eric Sr. in an orchard on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Drake loves building machines that build machines and studied Computer Science when he realized that the best artificial intelligence software is that which mimics nature. He is a persistent KNF Farmer and has inherited much kuleana to spread the microbes to the world.


Steven Lund
Hawai’i Island: Puna

Committee Chairs


Melissa Jenks-Olivit
Membership Chair

Former chef and caterer in London. Restaurant owner/chef in Singapore where she met her husband, George, a yacht builder. Joining George in his business they raised a family. After sailing to Hawaii, Melissa became involved in farming/food issues. Now an organic farmer researching the connections between health, happiness, and soil.


Keith Ranney
Communications Chair

HFUU webmaster and lead NeonCRM administrator. Digital media production professional since 1989, specializing in video production, information architecture & graphical asset managment. Member of the sharebuilder.com startup team. Volunteer manager for Maui Film Festival since 2001. Musician & property manager at Kaimana Farms in Keokea.


David Fisher
Business Strategy

Getting “hands on” developing a small diversified backyard garden in Huelo. 27 years experience on Maui helping small businesses.  Working on an enterprise accelerator for the “slow” movement – working name: Hawaii Community Exchange.  Much traveled youth via a Foreign Service family, played bass in the Maui Highlife Band. Husband & father.


Jessica Wooley
Policy Chair

Get Involved!

The best way to add your voice to our efforts to promote regenerative farming practices is by becoming a member. Interested in getting more involved? Join a committee, or the board of your local chapter. For more information about how you might get involved, contact the HFUU communications chair; hfuu@hfuuhi.org.