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Hawai‘i’s Food System: Food for All

Executive Summary: This report examines the food system of Hawai’i with special attention to low-income access to food. To do so, we examine the conditions under which low-income people currently obtain food. Then we examine the history of agriculture. Next we profile several promising food initiatives. Finally, we make recommendations for strengthening community-based food systems…

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On the Threshold of a Dream: Convention News

“I dream of a Hawai’i that can feed herself.” Them: “In this political climate?! You MUST be dreaming!” “Yeah, well, it’s all a process….” And here we are, NOW, on the threshold of another major milestone for Hawai’i Farmers Union United, in service to family farmers and the ohana’s they feed. We are in the…

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Business Development Series – Archive

General Overview of Series – slides with narrative (15 min) Series Outline Version 1.0 –  Subject to change as we determine needs Contact Sheet – Please add your name and the contact info you are willing to share with other participants. Facebook Group – Please join “HFU Regenerative Business Development Group” for updates and dialog.…

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