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Chapter Notes: The Kauai chapter of HFUU is on Kauai Island.

Meeting Schedule: Varies

Meeting Time: 4:00pm

Meeting Location: Varies

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President - Natalie Urminska was born and raised on Kaua'i. She grew up immersed in family gardens, from bonsai pots in kekaha to jaboticaba roots in keapana. Always learning. She is ten years into her moloa'a four acre farm, Star to Root.

Treasurer - Anny Bruch is an international development professional with 25 years of experience with agricultural and community development projects in the Americas. Her expertise in evaluation, NGO management and training has served many organizations. Anny has a farm on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, serves as Vice President and Treasurer for HFUF (Hawaii Farmers Union Foundation), and is certified in KNF (Korean Natural Farming).

Director - Ray Maki 's company, Permaculture Kauai, has been focused on commercial organic agriculture, agroforestry, permaculture, and promoting sustainable Ag practices in Hawaii and internationally for the last 21 years. Ray Maki is a certified permaculture designer, consultant, and educator, and also a certified IMO (indigenous microorganism) practitioner.

Vice President - Camile Pakchong is the sole farmer and owner of Rainbow Roots Farm located at the Kilohana Plantation in Lihue.  Camille grows a variety of root crops such as kalo, uala, carrots, beets and turnips. Camille was born and raised in Hawaii, fortunate to grow up in the ancient Hawaiian fishing and kalo farming village of Ke’anae, Maui. After graduating from Hana High School, Camille attended the University of Hawaii and received her education in business management and facility engineering. In 2009, she moved to the island of Kauai where she spent 12 years as the operations manager for a commercial building maintenance company. Camille’s farm journey began back in 2017 when she enrolled in the Go Farm Hawaii commercial farmer training program.   In 2019, Camille became the first person from the island of Kauai to successfully complete this intensive program.  During her time at Go Farm she spent numerous hours working with the third and fouth grade students at the Kawaikini Hawaiian Immersion school where she helped the teachers to engage students in activities surrounding the planting and harvesting of kalo (taro) and uala (sweet potato). Camille continues to encourage the youth in agriculture by providing opportunities for students to do work base learning at her farm. She also hosts virtual farm tours and hands-on educational field trips for educators and their students while inspiring them to create their own home and school gardens.