Music & Speaker #29: All About Ulu | The Importance of Canoe Plants & Ulu Flour with Brynn Foster, Tamara Butterbaugh, & Maile Kamisugi

Brynn Foster is the Founder of Voyaging Foods, a bakehouse & miller of canoe-plant flour based food products. Raised in California,  Brynn moved to the islands to be closer to her heritage. After the birth of her son, Brynn created an allergy-free teething biscuit using home-made taro powder from Hawaiian taro root as a healthier alternative to the overly sweet and fiber-empty gluten-free snack foods on the market. She grows canoe-plants on her family’s 7-acre homestead with her family to combine her passion for indigenous knowledge, her Hawaiian heritage and food sovereignty. @VoyagingFoods

Tamara Butterbaugh is based on Oʻahu and operates a small diversified farm with loʻi kalo in the backroads of Waimanalo. She has a decade of experience working in sustainability and cacao in Hawaii, and is currently the Director of Sales for the Hawaii ‘Ulu Co-op. @HawaiiUluCoop

Maile Kamisugi is the creator of ‘Ulu & Kalo Bakery. What led her to work with ‘ulu and kalo was understanding their importance and realizing she could help bring them back into people’s diets. The first time she tried ‘ulu, she couldn’t believe how ‘ono it was and wondered why it wasn’t more readily available. The mo’olelo surrounding ‘ulu and kalo shared at workshops left her feeling inspired and motivated to educate others and cook/bake with them for the community. Every time she harvests/prepares ‘ulu and kalo, she feels happy,  at peace, and so lucky. @UluAndKaloBakery