Music & Speaker #23: Soil Health Panel with Amy Koch & Dr. Susan Crow with Music by Noelani Love

Amy Koch is the Assistant Director for Soil Science for USDA NRCS Pacific Islands Area (PIA).  In the 16 years she has served PIA as a soil scientist, Amy has developed expertise in the formation and properties of tropical and volcanic soils, including managing these unique soils for optimal soil health.  Amy has a BS degree in Environmental Science from Virginia Tech and a MS in Soil Science from Utah State University. 

Dr. Susan Crow, associate professor at UH Mānoa, CTAHR, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management. Susan is a soil ecologist at heart; she tries to bring technical expertise and leadership to diverse tables for land-based climate action and landscape resilience through soil health. She has dedicated her research pursuits to soil carbon, organic matter, and (more recently) holistic aspects of health and the circular economy in Hawaiʻi and beyond. 

Native Hawaiian singer Noelani Love combines soulful & conscious lyrics with upbeat ukulele melodies to empower & inspire her listeners. Intuitively channeled by Spirit, Noelani’s original sounds activate a primal, earthly + feminine vibration.

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