HFUU Together: #5 Paul Izak & Mycologist Charles Tresidder

This week, we can barely wait to bring you session #5 featuring Oahu artists Paul Izak and special presenter Mycologist Charles Tresidder!!! Please join us on Zoom live, or tune in via Facebook!

 Join Musician and Regenerative Farmer, Paul Izak (HFUU Waimanalo) Paul Izak has balanced his life as a farmer and musician for the last decade.  His connection with ‘Aina (the land that feeds) has shaped his outlook on life and the messages that he shares thru the music.  He and his partner Kelly Stern created the organization Yogarden in 2009 putting on conscious gatherings that involve yoga, gardening and music which is the trinity for the organization. They have been focusing on cultivating a regenerative and permaculture-based organic farm in the backroads of Waimanalo, O’ahu on a 3.5 acre beautiful piece of land beneath the  Ko’olau mountains. 

Check out Paul’s newly released song: Found Inside  LINK 
This song is inspired by each of our journeys to find peace love and joy within ourselves.
Released May 2020 Producer/Guitar/Bass: Tommy Osuna Drums: Sam Ites Percussion: Jason Clark Backup Vocals: Anna Surento Mix & Master: Demetri A.M. (Artemis Audio)

IG: @yogardenhawaii
FB: @paulizakmusic
www.paulizakmusic.com/  Mycologist and Mushroom farmer Charles Tresidder (HFUU Haleakala) Taken from https://www.mauimagazine.net/maui-grown-mushrooms/ 

“In 2017 Charles moved to Maui and set up a mycology lab. His fascination is understandable. Dormant mushroom spores can survive hostile conditions indefinitely. Activated, they multiply by the millions—in the right setting… Reanimated, “a spore is still only one part of what is necessary to make a living fungi,” says Charles. “[It] contributes only a fraction of the genetic code, in the same way we humans need a copy of genes from both parents. Once two or more spores unite, a fungus begins to form; this is the official beginning of its life. If I inoculate a fertile substrate with the spores, cultures will form, and I’ll be able to get live clones. Depending on the variety, they won’t die for weeks or months after [being] brought out of refrigeration. But they do have an expiration date.”

“We walk into the “cooking room,” where industrial-sized stainless-steel pressure cookers line up like miniature spacecraft awaiting takeoff. “I have to sterilize the [untreated] sawdust before inoculation,” Charles explains. “I finally found a local source for sawdust; my goal is to make 200 logs a month.” My eyes widen. “That’s a lot of mushrooms!” He tells me about his latest business venture with Lapa‘au Farm in Olinda: a new 4,000-square-foot mushroom-fruiting room he’s building with friend and business partner Michael Marchand.” Find Maui-grown Lapa‘au Farm mushrooms at the Wednesday Farmers Market at Waipuna Chapel, 17 ‘Ōma‘opio Rd., Kula; Saturdays at the Upcountry Farmers Market next to Longs Drugs, 55 Kiopa‘a St., Pukalani; and Lipoa Street Farmer’s Market, 95 E. Līpoa St., Kīhei.”

To Reach Charles: charles.tresidder@gmail.com
Lapa’au Farm: http://www.lapaaufarm.org/  6:30pm Zoom Room Opens (Members) 
6:45pm Paul Izak Music
7:05pm Vincent Mina HFUU
7:20pm Charles Tresidder, No Ka ‘Oi Mushrooms
8:00pm Paul Izak Wraps up
8:15pm A Hui Hou
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Topic: Community Music & Speaker Series #3
Time: Jul 1, 2020 06:30PM Hawaii