HFUU Together: #1 Dr. Zach Bush on Regenerative Health

A provocative meeting tonight view here with the music of Paul Izak and presentation of Dr. Zach Bush of Farmer’s Footprint set a needed fire in everyones field with this information. Also our chapter presidents shared what is happeing within their farms and regions! Mahalo Hawaii community for showing up for this and stay tuned for more of the same. We are wanting to have one a week on zoom. 

Aloha Vincent Mina

HFUU Mission

Hawai‘i Farmers Union United is affiliated with the National Farmers Union and is recognized and respected as a voice for farmers, ranchers, and fishermen throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Hawai‘i Farmers Union United empowers its members to earn a prosperous living through regenerative stewardship of our lands, waters and communities. Hawai‘i Farmers Union United is active through vibrant, community chapters in all districts throughout the Hawai‘ian Islands.

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  1. Toma Thomas Allen Craig on December 14, 2020 at 7:17 am

    Zach Bush, MD talk explains the severe health crisis we face with a sincere attitude that WE can solve the problem by regenerating the soil and food quality …regenerative family farms + forrest …crisis brings knowledge that critical action will produce success.