HFUU Legislative Hemp Support: In STRONG SUPPORT of SB2986 (with amendment) and in STRONG OPPOSITION of SB2973

Aloha HFUU Members & Subscribers,
 We are in need of your supportive testimonies and amendments of SB2986 and opposition of SB2973! SB2986 modifies burdensome and costly regulations. SB2973 and associated proposed rules will continue the double regulation of farmers, excessive bureaucracy that costs farmers and the state. 
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IN STRONG SUPPORT OF SB2986 and OPPOSITION of SB2973Please see suggested testimony and necessary amendments below. 

The committee(s) on AEN has scheduled a public hearing on 02-23-22 9:30AM; Conference Room 229 & Videoconference. Please provide your testimony by TOMORROW 2-22-22 at 9:00AM. Talking points & sample testimony linked below. 
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Hemp Testimony & Talking Points in Support of SB2986 and Opposition of SB2973
By Tuesday, Feb 22, 9:00 am, please send testimony in SUPPORT SB 2986 and urgently request the bill be amended to eliminate double inspections by the State which is a waste of State and taxpayers dollars and cost farmers money with new fees and wasted time.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture already regulates hemp farmers in Hawaii and has the authority to inspect farms as needed.   Required testing by USDA of every hemp crop and the State Department of Health for CBD products protects the public.  Law enforcement in Hawaii already has the authority to enter a farm if they have a concern so these double inspections do not improve public safety.  Hawaii hemp farmers have been the most regulated hemp farmers in the country and these regulations have made them non-competitive.   Please ask the Senate Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection to include the following in SB 2986:
Add Section 2  (g) Hemp producers licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to grow hemp shall follow all inspection and sampling rules and protocols established by the USDA and no other inspections or sampling by the State will be required, nor will the State issue violations or penalties to USDA licensed hemp producers following USDA rules and protocols. Penalties may only be issued for growing hemp without a USDA issued license.
Farmers are also asking for the below amendment to avoid the arbitrary change in the definition of hemp two years in the future, making hemp illegal, which is in conflict with the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill.  The below change will also ensure Hawaii does not sunset growing hemp in Hawaii:
Change SECTION 6 9. This Act shall take effect upon its approval,and shall be repealed on June 30,[2022,) 2024.  ; provided that the definition of “marijuana” in section 329-1, HawaiiRevised Statutes, and the definitions of “marijuana” and “marijuana Concentrate” insection 7121240, Hawaii Revised Statutes, shall be reenacted in the form in which theyread on the day prior to the effective date of this Act.”
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OPPOSE SB 2973 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Please strongly oppose SB 2973 relating to hemp as it continues the unnecessary double and costly regulation of Hawaii farmers, who are the most regulated hemp farmers in the country.   Also, this bill would arbitrarily change the definition of hemp two years in the future, making hemp illegal, which is in conflict with the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill.   Please state that SB 2986 is the preferred hemp legislation that supports Hawaii farmers.  
Please send testimony opposing SB 2973 via email to JDCcommittee@capitol.hawaii.gov