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  1. Michaelangelo on June 13, 2021 at 5:13 pm

    Keith, I am terribly sorry to bother you and I do hope I have reached the right Keith Ranney who was once married to LeeAnn Tuttle. Keith, I have been praying for LeeAnn every day since the last time I saw her and lighting a candle for her every night. I loved her so very much and I still miss her dearly. I have tried to keep up with her and saw she had some social media accounts but I never tried to contact her because I did not want to interfere with her new life. I bought the book she wrote but did not get too far into because her recollection of events was just not the reality of the way things happened, I lived her torment with her for several years and it was too painful to go back to that very dark place. I discovered that LeeAnn passed away in September and was laid to rest in October. This news shocked me and broke my heart. I am grateful to God that she is at peace and no longer in the awful grip of her illness. Keith, please help me, if you know what happened to LeeAnn please let me know. Please. I need to know to somehow have closure and some sort of peace myself. Thank you. Michaelangelo {702-268-3129}

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