Donate: For the Food Future You Want


Healthy soil, water and air are vital in sustaining, replenishing and rejuvenating the plants and animals that nourish us, even as they naturally regenerate more. What a gift of life, for more life!

Hawai’i Farmers Union Foundation (“HFUF”) is the certified 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor for Hawai’i Farmers Union United (“HFUU”) and in support of the mission to create and sustain vibrant and prosperous agricultural communities for the benefit of all Hawai‘i through cooperation, education, and legislation.

Through membership and your tax-deductible donations, HFUF/HFUU strengthens its influence locally and nationally regarding labeling, how your food is grown, and how your local family farmer makes ends meet. If this is important to you, please give what you can.

Your tax-deductible donation supports the following HFUF/HFUU initiatives for 2019: $150,000 Goal

  • HFUF/HFUU Infrastructure (administration, communications platform, data management, marketing/PR, etc.) ($90K)
  • Inter-island travel* to support family farmers and the growth of our geographically divided chapters ($30K)
  • Breakdown:
    • Travel funds specifically will be used for:
      • The HFUU annual strategic planning event in May, after legislative session ends, sets our direction for the next year. ($10K)
      • Annual Convention with every chapter president and guest speakers flying in to that location ($10K)
      • HFUU legislative policy forum at the legislature, where we serve a locavore lunch to the lawmakers and their staffs. ($10K)
    • Infrastructure
      • The $50K for administrative capacity is to manage our quickly growing organization, and continue to advertise for the events in each region, ie. chapter meetings, workshops and educational opportunities.  This would cover the part time employment of our core operations, communications, membership and financial management staff.
      • All donations can be earmarked for specific events and regions.

*If you have expiring Hawaiian Air miles and wish to donate them to the cause, please contact membership chair, Karen.

Your contribution is securely processed through the HFUF PayPal Pro payment center and you will be sent confirmation to the email we have on file or the new account you create. Please login to your HFUU account (or create an account) before accessing the donation form. Contact HFUU Communications Chair for support in accessing your account.


“The HFUU mission is a path that brings into light the importance of a community building through agricultural diversity. By collaborating and cooperating with one another and nature, in the task and relationship of growing nutrient rich food, we maintain our own wellbeing and vitality and contribute to a more prosperous and abundant community.

Encouraging others to invest in the agricultural system they want is central to HFUF/HFUU’s horizontally oriented leadership, with every member honored as an important piece of the puzzle.

I support and advocate for family farmers in making a living at farming while valuing regenerative soil practices that promote sustainability for future generations, along with growing our agricultural presence throughout the state.” – Vincent Mina, HFUU President

“If you eat food, support your farmers.” – Melissa Jenks-Olivit, HFUU Membership Chair

From all of us at Hawai’i Farmers Union United (HFUU) mahalo nui for your support!