Volunteering is the life blood of any grassroots, non-profit organization. People who are drawn to regenerative farming and/or the local food movement, whether for their personal health, or because of their care and concern about the ecology of the 'aina, understand its value.

The Haleakala chapter of Hawai'i Farmers Union United, HFUU's oldest and largest chapter, continually creates volunteer initiatives designed to provide educational opportunities and to support the organizations overall goals and mission.

Monthly Meeting Potlucks

Haleakala chapter meetings are organized around the sharing of our collective bounty and provide a forum for members and guests to learn from each other, our expert presenters, to share, envision, organize and grow together. Volunteer activities involve room prep and post meeting cleaning, registration table help and kitchen help.

Monthly Meeting Volunteer Manual

Please contact Annette Davidson at annette.viola@live.com if you can help with the monthly meetings. Volunteers will receive benefits and are essential to accomplish the following tasks:

Kitchen Crew

  1. 5:00 PM – The person who is storing the HFUU supplies places the storage bins in the kitchen and finds volunteers to unload them.
  2. 5:15 PM – Set up food tables with table cloths for the 6:00 meeting.
  3. 5:30 PM – Make coffee and tea. Place on the serving table nearest the front door together with half & half, almond milk, honey and organic sugar. Place the orange drinking water dispenser tank at the end of the serving table.
  4. Ask people to place ingredient list labels/cards next to their potluck dishes when they arrive. Starting at the end of the table near the kitchen door, place the dishes in this order: salads, main dishes, soups, side dishes. Desserts and beverages go on a separate table near the front door.
  5. Place serving utensils with potluck dishes if none were provided.
  6. At the front registration table, pack paper plates and utensils in bags for people who want to purchase them for their meal.
  7. Before the opening circle ceremony, remove all lids and covers from the potluck dishes.
  8. Remove, wash, and dry dishes as they are emptied out. Leave on the kitchen counter for pickup.
  9. Leave potluck leftovers on the serving table for their owners to take home. Remove HFUU’s serving utensils (they are marked with colored tape) and wash them and place them in an HFUU storage bin.
  10. Clean the coffee machine, tea thermos and water jug.
  11. Kitchen counters and sink must be wiped down clean.
  12. The refrigerator must be emptied of any food.
  13. Pack up all utensils, equipment, and supplies into HFUU storage bins and help the person who is storing them load them into his/her vehicle. Nothing should be left in the community center.

Clean Up Crew

  1. Trash must be removed from each trash can and placed in the trash bin at the end of the parking lot.
  2. Tables and chairs need to be returned to storage positions.
  3. Floor needs sweeping (broom is in closet behind kitchen door).
  4. Floor needs mopping (mops and bucket in same closet). Bucket filling is tricky…best practice to date is to use a pizza box under the faucets for directing the water flow beyond the sink…hold bucket up to meet flow…HOT water works best.