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Aloha and welcome to the official web portal for Hawai’i Farmers Union United (HFUU) now representing 15 regional chapters across 6 Hawaiian islands. HFUU (est. 2010) is the fastest growing state chapter within the National Farmers Union (est. 1902). Meet our Leadership, review our bylaws, policies, or contact us.

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  • Creating a local food movement for now and future generations requires participation as a producer and consumer in making Hawai’i food secure and self sustaining. If you value our mission, tax deductible donations are accepted through the HFU Foundation. Mahalo nui loa.

Speaker Series

Twice a month on Wednesday evenings, we gather on Zoom to feature a local expert and musician. Together we learn, grow, and inspire each other. Keep on the lookout for registration for our next event - see you there! Email us if you are interested in being a speaker at hfuu@hfuu.org

 Rubbish to Resource with Chantal Chung of Maona Community Gardens & Evan Lam of Circlepack

Wednesday May 25, 6:30-8:00pm HST

We can create healthier soil by better managing our waste stream. Join us to learn how several proof of concept projects on Hawaii Island are developing methods to move away from the linear extract-process-consume-dispose model of agriculture into a circular model that retains agricultural biomass and food processing waste as renewable resources strengthens our food systems and makes them more resilient to natural hazards, environmental and climate changes, and shifts in global economies.

2021 HFUU Annual Convention
~Thank you for all who attended!~

It's not too late to have access to this incredible content. View our recorded virtual annual convention on our Youtube Channel linked below.

HFUU Music & Speaker Series

The Hawaii Farmers Union United has been putting together some of the best musical artists and expert speakers in a variety of agricultural related talks.

We are thankful for our many Speaker Series sponsors!
Email us if you are interested in being a sponsor for our bi-weekly Speaker & Music series events.

Our Work



HFUU represents and advocates for family farmers and ranchers on all of the Hawaiian Islands. Our members represent: Farm Owners/Operators, Foodies, Ranchers, Gardeners, Perma-culturalists, Cultural practitioners, Landscapers, and Suppliers & Businesses that are part of the local food chain.



HFUU and NFU (National Farmers Union) membership offers educational opportunities for youth and adults at local, state and national levels; an On-Farm Mentoring (FAM) Program in Hawaii, Internship Program in Washington, D.C., and many others.



The HFUU Legislative Committee participates collaboratively with the Policy Committee, coalitions, organizations, and agencies to articulate, promote and work to establish legislation and policies that align with the mission and vision of HFUU.

Blog: Union Statewide News and Updates

HFUU Legislative Hemp Support: In STRONG SUPPORT of SB2986 (with amendment) and in STRONG OPPOSITION of SB2973

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | February 21, 2022

Aloha HFUU Members & Subscribers, We are in need of your supportive testimonies and amendments of SB2986 and opposition of SB2973! SB2986 modifies burdensome and costly regulations. SB2973 and associated proposed rules will continue the double regulation of farmers, excessive bureaucracy that costs farmers and the state. For a glitch-free experience,remember to login to capitol.hawaii.gov before clicking the Support button(s).IN STRONG SUPPORT…

2022 HFUU Legislative Priorities February 20, 2022

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | February 20, 2022

Aloha HFUU Members & Subscribers, Hawaii Farmers Union United is requesting our membership to send in testimony IN STRONG SUPPORT OF SB2664, SB2665, SB2675, SB2990, SB2865, SB2955 , SB3004, SB3197, HD2304 HD1, and HB1517. Sample Testimony BELOW. Please submit testimonies on time, before 10:00am Tuesday 2/22. 1) SB2664 STRONG SUPPORT – RELATING TO THE PROTECTION OF TARO – Creates…

2022 HFUU Legislative Priorities February 9, 2022

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | February 10, 2022

Aloha HFUU Members & Subscribers,Hawaii Farmers Union United needs your supportive testimonies of HB1517! Please submit testimonies on time, before 2pm Thursday 2/10. Please click on the links below to support each bill. For a glitch-free experience, remember to login to capitol.hawaii.gov. HB1517 – RELATING TO COFFEE. Report Title: Coffee Labeling; Blended Coffee; Percent of Coffee by Weight;…

2022 HFUU Legislative Priorities February 2, 2022

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | February 3, 2022

Aloha HFUU Members & Subscribers,Hawaii Farmers Union United needs your supportive testimonies of SB2288 and HB2466! Please submit testimonies on time, before 10am Thursday 2/3. Please click on the links below to support each bill. For a glitch-free experience, remember to login to capitol.hawaii.gov. SB2288 – RELATING TO COMPOSTING. Report Title: HDOA; Compost Reimbursement; Appropriation ($) Description: Establishes a…

2022 HFUU Legislative Priorities

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | January 31, 2022

SB2955 – Three-year pilot compost reimbursement pilot program SB2982 – Five-year food hub pilot program to increase access to local food. SB2986 – Removes certain duplicative regulations imposed on hemp producers SB2989 – Healthy Soils Program SB2990 – Cover Crop seed reimbursement pilot program (old version) SB3005 – Cover Crop reimbursement pilot program SB3197 –…

HFUU Convention 2021 – Success!

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | December 22, 2021

Our annual convention this year was a success! Although it was virtual, we had over 600 registrants sign up and enjoy our convention content. We decided this year to have a donation-only event, so lucky for you the content is now all available for FREE on our Youtube channel. Check out the schedule below to…

Annual Member Meeting December 12th, 2021

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | October 29, 2021


FAM (Farm Apprenticeship Mentoring) now accepting applications for 2021-2022 Cohort

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | September 11, 2021

Maui’s agricultural future is now. Maui, HI.: The Hawaii Farmers Union United is excited to announce applications are now being accepted for the Farm Apprentice Mentoring (FAM) programs’ 7th cohort! Led by the dynamic team of Sara Gilligan, Outreach and FAM Program Director, and Makenna Anderson, Outreach and Program Coordinator. Sara brings over 20 years…

Hawaii Farmers Union Executive Board Meet To Integrate Wellness Into Annual Strategy For 2021-2022

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | August 17, 2021

For Immediate Release: August 13, 2021   Contact: Brynn Foster Bfoster@voyagingfoods.com Hawaii Farmers Union Executive Board Meet To Integrate Wellness Into Annual Strategy For 2021-2022 Kohala, Hawaii – Hawaii Farmers Union executive board members held their annual strategy meetings at Starseed Ranch on the Big Island this week and are committed to incorporating wellness and mental…

2021 Policy and Legislative Updates

By hfuu@hfuuhi.org | June 8, 2021

As many of you may know, HFUU is a division of the National Farmer Union (NFU). NFU has described that success and credibility of the organization has been the union’s grassroots structure in which policy positions are initiated locally- the policy process includes the presentation of resolutions by individuals, followed by possible adoption of the…